The team

We create attractive, realistic and accurate virtual urban environments, VR experiences and videos to support the communication and presentation of your spatial project.

What we do

Our goal is simple, to effectively help organisations with their visual communication demands using state of the art technology. We were founded on the principle to increase transparency of spatial plans in both the public and commercial sector, inciting mutual understanding and contributing to democratic processes.

Who we are

We are a young company based in the Netherlands, with the vision of making communication easier through the use of technology, such as virtual- and augmented reality. Founded in 2017 by graduates from Delft University of Technology, we aim to change the way in which organisations involve their clientele with their projects.

How we do it

We create high quality virtual environments of urban environments, animations in both 2D and VR, VR tours and VR related consultancy services. We help organisations to effectively use VR in their projects.